Employment need of the hour.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

A perfect job is every youth dreams when receiving their graduation degree, less i share my thought on this makes me feel smaller to what i have to achieve more. Not many will understand our burden but at times we do lost ourselves in the mids of job hunt.

The generic term for unemployment in our society is not helplessness to provide, its not self sustainability, its not giving their best, its so frustrating how a sworn guardian fail to support and provide jobs to 31million qualified youths of this nation. So, the generic term for unemployment in our society is "burden to the family" an un used weight, simply an extra weight to our society.

Now, lets retrospect , think where you were when you graduated and your mind wondering where to start. Its different time now, this generation hold a key to utopia where everything is perfect and chaos ends when sun sets. But my time has passed so does the rest of my generation, however it is our duty to ask and seek.

This exist in our society where we value government jobs over private employment, yes it does hold more values and assistance but does working in government departments helping people who are in need? as far my experience and knowledge our perseverance pays and our action prevails.

I write this thinking, it would shed some light to those who are struggling with employment, with mid life criss which we use it casually, narrowing down their choices and emptying their tricks. There is always a pros to every cons and cons to every pros, we weigh each steps ultimately that carefulness turns into cold feet when facing interviews and that diminishes our beacon of confidence left in us.

NB.: Follow the link given below for government schemes under PMEGP



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