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Education is the only driving force that is needed in the present generation in order to develop oneself for the better. However, if the imparted knowledge be used by or fall into the wrong hands of or is being controlled with negative motive, it can also be used to destroy any society. Therefore, in order to save the human race from destruction or any unpredictable uncertainty that might lead to the any global catastrophe, one must focus on receiving or giving quality education. When one hear the term ‘quality education’, one might ask what ‘quality education’ is? Why is it so important or rather necessary in the present generation? Or how would it help the citizens of the world towards building a world that is responsible? To answer these questions on may take the help of the dictionary. ‘Educate’ according to Oxford English Dictionary is ‘to give intellectual or moral instruction to someone’ or ‘to give someone information about a particular subject’. And ‘education’ is defined as ‘the process of teaching or learning’ or it would also mean ‘information about or training in a particular subject’. ‘Quality’ on the other hand mean ‘the standard of how good something is as measured against other similar things’ or ‘general excellence’. Therefore, ‘quality education’ would mean providing or receiving high standard education which would enable the student(s) to discern what is good and what is bad or to know how to differentiate between right and wrong and make a right decision.

Quality education aims at providing an all-round development in a student. Quality education would mean the kind of education that would be inclusive and holistic. It should enable the students to focus on developing life skills rather than just acquiring knowledge through reading books. When we say quality education, we refer to the kind of education that would advocate healthy habits like adopting a healthy lifestyle, engaging oneself in sports and other activities that involve thought processes. Quality education should also be characterize by open discussions and debates. Focus should be given on the kind of education that empower one to live life with dignity. The kind of education so imparted to the students should also raise the morale bar and help them inculcate values that are desired for developing oneself in an all-round manner. The teachers and the administrators must ensure that the focus should not be for the students to just secure high marks in examinations because given the right environment, any student can secure the desired marks. Rather focus should be in providing over all personality development which does not happen overnight.

Quality education would also mean that kind of education that would cater to the physical mental emotional and psychological needs of the students. If the education so provided to the students does not cater to these needs, it would only force the students to memorise what is taught to them in the classrooms which might not help them in the real sense. In such case the students might acquire classroom knowledge which might help them to secure high mark in examination but they might not be able to apply the knowledge they had acquired in day-to-day life. A teacher must bear in mind that identifying the problems of the students and providing them solution to such problems is a must if he/she were to make sure that there is an environment that would enable the students to develop their learning skill. Quality education should enable the students to achieve their full potential and prepare them to face any life situation. It should also enable the students to be productive – being able to sustain oneself. Quality education should bring out the best in the students and enable them to apply whatever knowledge they have acquired to in a practical manner. It should prepare the students to think reasonably and act rationally.

Quality education is the very need of the hour. It is important because it is the only thing that will enable the students to be good citizens. Providing quality education to the students is crucial because without it people tend to act irresponsibly. They tend to forget the most important virtues and values of life and they often become the cause of untoward incidents or events. People without quality education tend to have corrupt behavior or character and only their about achieving or realizing their own selfish interest. While talking about providing quality education, one might think that it is the responsibility of the teachers alone. However, the responsibility fall on everyone – the students, teachers, parents, the governing authority and even the national government. The students and the teachers should be approachable so as to clear any doubt or mistakes of the students. It is also the duty of the teacher to cater to the needs of the students with different learning abilities. The teachers should also work out plans and use tools and implements that would enhance the learning ability of the students. They should be well-trained and qualified so that they will be able to cater to the different needs of the students. The parents must also make sure that their children are well-disciplined and receptive to what is being taught to them. They should always remember that they are their children’s first teachers. The curriculum should be framed in such a manner that it cater to all-round development of the students. The students should be given practical knowledge or experiences and platforms should be given to showcase their skills and abilities. Providing quality education not only help the students to get jobs but enable them to sustain themselves and also become responsible citizens. It is the duty of the parents, teacher and the concern authorities to create an environment that is quality education friendly to the students.

In conclusion we can say that quality education is the very soul of any form of learning. In order for any society to develop, it must first build its foundation on quality education. When every individual in a society is able to think reasonable and act rationally and humanely, such society will surely see progress and development in every sphere. Therefore, providing quality is a must.

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