Arunkumar Thangjam

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Early life and Academic background

Shri Arunkumar Thangjam was born to Late Thangjam Birachandra Singh and Thangjam Ongbi Maipakpi Devi on 14th September, 1967 as the youngest among the ten siblings born in the family. He did his schooling from Tiny Tot’s Unique School and completed his HSLC (Class X) in the year 1983. He passed his Pre University courses from D.M College, Imphal, completed his Graduation from Christ College, Bangalore in the year 1988/89. Further, he studied Law and received his LLB degree from Indian Law Society (ILS) Pune in the year 1991/92. He was the first secretary of the Bangalore Manipuri Students Association during his stint in Bangalore. He also served as the General Secretary of the Manipuri Students Association Pune (MSAP) in the year 1991/92.

Shri Arunkumar Thangjam is the 10th (last) child of the Thangjam family. The other 9 are : Late Thangjam Praffulo, Dr. Thangjam Nabachandra Singh, Thangjam Ningol Lata Devi, Thangjam Shyamo Singh, Dr. Thangjam Dhabali Singh, Thangjam Ningol Pramodini Devi, Thangjam Joykumar Singh, Thangjam Brojen Singh and Thangjam Ningol Premita Devi.

Personal life

Shri Arunkumar Thangjam is happily married to Smt. Irengbam Ningol Purnimashi Devi in the year 1994. They are blessed with three Children namely Loyalembi Thangjam, Thangjam Abothoi and Thangjam Sanarik.


Profession and Career

Shri Arunkumar Thangjam after completing his Law degree started practicing Law under Late N. Surjamani Singh, a renowned senior Lawyer  for around 2 (two) years. However, his ambition of becoming a lawyer was not achieved as N. Surjamani Singh was appointed Judge of the Guwahati High Court and he was compelled to close down his Chamber. He discontinued practicing Law and looked for other options for a living.

After discontinuing practicing of Law, Shri Arunkumar set out to start a new career. It was at this point that one of his elder brother was getting married and he was entrusted to manage the marriage ceremony. One day, he went to hire some stuff for his brother’s wedding from tent houses. However, after visiting almost all the shops (Tent House)  he learnt that there was no single tent house who can provide all the required materials for any kind of event. This incident of unavailability of materials and shortage of established tent house in the state of Manipur made him think of running a genuine tent house. He, after minute discussions with his elders decided to open a tent house under the name and style of “ARUN ENTERPRISES”. With a meagre budget of Rs. 10000/-(Ten Thousand) he started this business of tent house in the year 1995. Since then he did not look back, his dedication and hard work today made his firm Arun Enterprises one of the most reliable and the leading tent houses of the state. He directly and indirectly employs around 300 staffs as on today.


Interest in Games and Sports

Shri Arunkumar Thangjam also is a sports enthusiast. He is the President of NEROCA FC, a premiere football club of Manipur. He has served the club in different capacity since a long time. He was Manager, Secretary and Treasurer of the club. In fact, it is in his tenure as President that NEROCA FC entered i league for the first time. He is also the President of MANIWOOD, a celebrity sports organisation. He is life member of Manipur Taekwondo Association, Manipur Weightlifting Assn., Manipur Power – lifting Assn., Manipur Sepak Takraw Assn., Imphal East Football Assn., Manipur Olympic Assn., etc.


Social Activities

He is one of the founding members of Royal Riders, Manipur. He was the President of Rotary Club of Polo City. Currently, he is the Assistant Governor of District 3240, Eastern Zone.